KiwiCover provides a self-help, no advice, low-cost facility to help you get your insurance sorted.

  • Instant quotes
  • Online calculators
  • Easy-to-follow forms
  • Extensive tools and help
  • No paperwork to complete
  • Electronic confirmations

Underwritten and Issued by AIA

For Kiwis’ peace of mind and financial security, policies offered through KiwiCover are underwritten and issued by AIA New Zealand Limited, New Zealand’s largest life insurance company.

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100% New Zealand owned

KiwiCover Insurance Limited is 100% New Zealand-owned and is located in central Wellington.

What does ‘Poua he Parahau’ mean?

The concept of KiwiCover is summed up perfectly in the expression Poua he Parahau. Formulated for KiwiCover by the Māori Language Commission, Poua he Parahau means “to establish a protection or a defence”. And that’s exactly what our cover does. It provides financial protection by establishing a defence against the unexpected.