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Health Insurance

Sovereign Private Health Cover and Private Health Plus enable you to take control of your health so that medical conditions can be treated promptly, at a convenient time and location, and with your choice of medical provider.

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What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a policy which meets the costs of a range of private medical procedures and treatments. These include surgery, cancer treatment, diagnostic imaging and tests, medical hospitalisation, specialist consultations, home nursing, treatment away from home and treatment overseas.

Get full reimbursement of covered medical expenses up to high annual limits. Better still, get pre-approval for any covered expense so you don’t have to pay first. Choose from a range of excess levels to tailor your premiums to your budget.

Get cover for yourself or your family.

  • Access private medical care, when and where it suits you.
  • Comprehensive cover for a wide range of medical expenses.
  • No-limit prior approvals and payments made direct to provider.
  • Option to choose Australia for any medically necessary treatment.
  • Option to suspend cover and premiums while travelling overseas.
  • Option to suspend cover and premiums while unemployed.


Sovereign Private Health Cover provides cover for private hospital surgical and hospitalisation, cancer care and supporting diagnostic procedures.

Upgrade to Private Health Plus and get additional access to specialist consultations and cover for diagnostic imaging and tests outside of surgical procedures or hospitalisation. Private Health Plus also provides loyalty benefits designed to keep you healthy.

Below is a summary of the benefits:

Private Health Cover

Excess options: No excess, $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $2,000 or $4,000. Selecting an excess will reduce your base premium by 17%, 26%, 32%, 40%, 55% or 70% respectively.

Unlimited maximum cover.
Cancer care
$300,000 per life assured per policy year (unlimited for surgery).
Minor surgery benefit
$500 per procedure, up to $1,000 per life assured per policy year. No excess applies.
Medical hospitalisation
$300,000 per life assured per policy year.
Major diagnostic imaging and tests
$100,000 per life assured per policy year.
Home nursing
$300 per day, up to $5,000 per life assured, per policy year. No excess applies.
Waiver of premium on death
One year’s free cover for the surviving lives assured covered by the policy upon the death of a policy owner before they reach age 70. No excess applies.
Bereavement grant
$2,500 per life assured per lifetime. No excess applies.
Treatment away from home in New Zealand
$300 per day, up to $3,000 per life assured, per policy year. No excess applies.
Voluntary treatment overseas
Benefit maximum for the applicable benefit applies, subject to additional limits, exclusions and requirements.
Treatment overseas where the waiting period for treatment in an approved facility in New Zealand is greater than six months
Benefit maximum for the applicable benefit applies.
Treatment overseas where the treatment is not available in New Zealand
$30,000 per life assured per policy year.
Public hospital credit
One year’s free cover where a life assured has a treatment or procedure in a public hospital that would otherwise have been covered by a benefit in this policy and that treatment or procedure includes overnight admission of two or more night’s stay. No excess applies.
Public hospital cash grant
$300 per day up to $3,000 per life assured, per policy year. No excess applies.
Up to $5,000 per life assured per life of the policy.
Medical misadventure
$30,000 per life assured per lifetime.

Private Health Plus

Includes all the benefits provided by Private Health Cover plus the following additional benefits:

Excess options for these additional benefits: No excess or $250. Selecting an excess will reduce your base premium by 17%.

Specialist consultations
$10,000 per life assured per policy year.
Diagnostic imaging and tests
$100,000 per life assured per policy year.
Pregnancy, maternity and infertility allowance
$750 per life assured, per policy year after three years of continuous cover. No excess applies.
Health screening allowance
$500 per life assured for each three-year period. No excess applies.

Policy Features

Sovereign Private Health includes all the following great features:

Rock-Solid Backing

The policy is underwritten by Sovereign, New Zealand’s largest life insurer. Sovereign has an A+ (Superior) financial strength rating from A.M. Best Company, the highest rating of any life insurance company in New Zealand.

Choice of Excess

You can choose to have no excess or an excess of $250, $500, $750, $1,000, $2,000 or $4,000 per annum. Selecting an excess will reduce your base premium by 17%, 26%, 32%, 40%, 55% or 70% respectively.

100% Reimbursement

Get 100% reimbursement of all your qualifying medical expenses, including unlimited surgical cover and up to $300,000 per person per year for cancer care.

No-Limits Pre-Approval

Get pre-approval for any covered procedure, for any amount. No minimum applies. Have your provider paid directly so you don’t have to pay first.

Outpatient Surgery

Covers surgical outpatient procedures at a private hospital, day clinic or specialist’s rooms, including necessary angiograms, MRI and CT scans.

Overseas Medical Treatment

Covers approved medical expenses for treatment at an overseas hospital, when treatment cannot be provided in New Zealand. Includes two return economy class airfares, one for a support person.

Public Hospital Cash Grant

You receive a cash grant of $300 per day after the second day, if you are admitted to a public hospital. The benefit limit is $3,000 per insured person per year. No excess is applied, even if you selected one.

Special Benefits

It’s more than a health insurance policy. It covers qualifying costs for home nursing care and caregiver accommodation, and a bereavement grant of $2,500 is paid if an insured person aged between 21 and 59 (inclusive) dies. No excess is applied.

No Medical

No medical examinations or tests are normally required to get cover. Assessment is almost always solely based on the information you provide in our online application form.

Free-Look Period

If at any time during the 15 days following receipt of your policy you don’t wish to continue with your cover (for whatever reason at all), you can return your policy for a full refund of all premiums paid.

Customer Guide

Download or view the customer guide:

Private Health Customer Guide PDF

Private Health Customer Guide

Want to Know More?

Do I need health insurance?

Check out the FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions.

View or download a copy of the policy wording.

(Superior) Financial Strength Rating from A.M. Best Company, Inc. Rating scale

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Important Information

  • The above identifies and provides a brief summary only of the principal benefits under the policy. Please refer to the policy wording, including the policy appendix and schedule, for full details of all the benefits and the terms and conditions under which they are provided.