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Trauma Insurance

Could you survive the financial impact of a major illness? How would you make up for the loss of income and unexpected costs that are routinely experienced by others in that situation? You never know when a serious medical condition might strike. It could be next week or next year, but if (or when) it does, it pays to be ready.

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What is Trauma Insurance?

Trauma insurance (also known as Critical Illness Insurance) is a policy which pays a non-taxable lump sum benefit if you develop any one of a range of specified medical conditions (from 45+ to 60+ in number), and you survive for at least 14 days after that event.

Choose from two great trauma insurance policies:

Living Assurance

Traditional trauma insurance, which is primarily designed to pay a single benefit equal to 100% of the total cover under the policy.

Progressive Care

A new generation of trauma insurance which pays 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the total cover under the policy, based on the severity of the condition. Progressive Care also enables multiple benefit payments across multiple conditions.

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