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Progressive Care

Progressive Care is a type of trauma insurance. Unlike traditional products which only pay out a single lump sum, Progressive Care can pay out more than once, as the payments are linked to the severity of a condition.

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What is Progressive Care Insurance?

Progressive Care insurance is a policy which pays a non-taxable lump sum benefit if you develop any one of a range of defined medical conditions. The benefit amount ranges from 10% to 100% of the specified cover amount under the policy, based on the severity of the condition. The policy enables multiple benefit payments.

AIA Living Progressive Care

Progressive Care provides cover for more than 60 medical conditions.

Minimum commencement age 3 months*
Maximum commencement age 70
Expiry age None

*The minimum commencement age for online applications is 16.

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Covered Medical Conditions

Progressive Care insurance covers more than 60 medical conditions across 5 categories:


  Severity Based
Any malignant tumour
Any prostate cancer
Any malignant melanoma
Any carcinoma-in-situ
Urinary bladder cancer
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Any leukaemia
Any malignant brain tumour
Any benign brain or spinal cord tumour
Any myeloma
Aplastic anaemia
Any bone marrow or stem cell transplant
Transplant waiting list for bone marrow transplant
Myelodysplastic syndrome
CIN-3, VIN-3, PIN-3

Heart and Arteries

  Severity Based
Any heart attack
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Coronary artery bypass graft
Aortic surgery
Heart valve surgery
Defibrillator insertion
Pacemaker insertion
Minor heart valve surgery
Severe congestive cardiac failure
Severe peripheral vascular disease

Brain and Nerves

  Severity Based
Any stroke
Any dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Any Parkinson’s disease
Major head trauma
Motor neurone disease
Any multiple sclerosis
Any muscular dystrophy
Peripheral neuropathy
Cerebral aneurysm

Loss of Function

  Severity Based
Paralysis – Diplegia and Hemiplegia
Loss of independent existence
Severe burns/ Major burns/ Serious burns
Any loss of sight
Loss of sight on one eye and one limb
Any loss of hearing
Loss of speech
Loss of limbs
Intensive care benefit
Paraplegia/ Quadriplegia/ Tetraplegia

Other Health Conditions

  Severity Based
Chronic liver failure
Chronic lung failure
Chronic kidney failure
Primary pulmonary hypertension
Major organ transplant (or transplant waiting list)
Acute renal dialysis
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Removal of large bowel
Severe osteoporosis
Severe rheumatoid arthritis
Severe ulcerative colitis
Severe Crohn’s disease
Advanced Type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes
Advanced Type 2 diabetes
Advanced AIDS
Systemic sclerosis
Systemic lupus erythematosus with lupus nephritis
Severe illness or injury

A three month stand down period applies to certain conditions if they occur after the policy commences but within the first three months of receipt of application (the date the application for cover is received by AIA along with a valid payment instruction). Please refer to the Policy Wording for full details, including when a stand down period applies, and when a full or partial payment applies.


Progressive Care insurance includes a comprehensive range of benefits:

Progressive Care Benefit

Progressive Care covers a range of defined medical conditions across five categories*:

  1. Cancer;
  2. Heart and Arteries;
  3. Brain and Nerves;
  4. Loss of Function; and
  5. Other Health Conditions.

Receive a benefit payment based on the severity of your condition. Receive 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the sum insured in each category.

Unlike traditional trauma products, your cover will not cease after you make a claim. You can make additional claims if your condition gets worse, you suffer from a more severe, related condition, or you suffer from a new condition.

Includes cover if you suffer a major medical condition that isn’t specifically listed in the policy wording but meets AIA’s definition of a severe illness or injury. See the Policy Wording for details.

Special Events Increase Facility

You can increase the amount of cover under your policy following certain life events, without any medical questions, examinations or tests. A premium will be applied to the additional cover. Any loadings, exclusions or special terms on the original Progressive Care Benefit sum assured will be applied to the increased amount.

Future Insurability Benefit

You can increase the amount of cover under your policy at every third policy anniversary date by up to 20% of the original cover (up to a maximum of $200,000), without any medical evidence. An increase in premium applies.

Financial and Legal Advice Benefit

After you receive your claim payment, get reimbursed for up to $2,500 (including GST) for financial planning fees paid to an accredited adviser or for legal advice from a legal professional approved by AIA.

Children’s Trauma Benefit

If a child of yours (aged between 3 months and 21 years) suffers an applicable condition, this benefit will pay 50% of the sum assured (up to $50,000). This benefit provides trauma cover for your children at no additional cost.

Payment of this benefit will not reduce the Progressive Care Benefit.

Newborn Children’s Benefit

If your biological child is born with one of five defined congenital conditions and survives for 30 days after birth, receive a benefit of 50% of the sum assured (up to $50,000).

Payment of this benefit will not reduce the Progressive Care Benefit.

Return Home Benefit

If you are outside New Zealand and suffer from, for the first time, a covered condition, AIA will reimburse the cost of a standard economy flight back to New Zealand for you and one support person, up to a total cost of $10,000.

Parents Grieving Benefit

AIA will pay a Parents Grieving Benefit if a child of yours dies before age 21 and:

  • Prior to birth but after at least 24 weeks gestation, provided the child would have been born at least 12 months after the risk commencement date if the pregnancy continued to full term and you are the biological mother of the child; or
  • After birth and at least 12 months after the risk commencement date.

If the child is under age 10, the amount payable is $2,000 (the maximum under law), otherwise the amount payable is $15,000. Conditions apply.

Payment of this benefit will not reduce the Progressive Care Benefit.

Counselling Benefit

Get reimbursed for up to $2,500 (including GST) for the cost of a psychiatrist or psychologist consultation and/or counselling where the support treatments and/or consultations directly relate to a claim under the Progressive Care Benefit.

Suspension of Cover Benefit

Flexibility to suspend your cover for up to 12 months if you:

  • Go on parental leave;
  • Go on leave without pay for any reason;
  • Become unemployed or redundant;
  • Experience a reduction in pay of 20% or more (comparing the most recent payslip against a previous payslip from the same year); or
  • Are self-employed and experience a reduction in revenue of 30% or more (by comparing one month’s revenue against the same month for the previous year).

No premium will be payable during the period that cover is suspended. No claim will be payable for any condition that occurs during the period that cover is suspended.

Children’s Trauma Conversion Facility

The Children’s Trauma Benefit can be converted to a standalone Progressive Care Benefit, or an accelerated Progressive Care Benefit with an equal amount of Life Cover, of up to 50% of the original sum assured (up to a maximum of $50,000), without further medical evidence.

Premium Conversion Facility

At any time before age 65, you can convert all or part of your Progressive Care Benefit from a Rate for Age premium structure to a Level premium structure without needing to produce further medical evidence.

Please refer to the Policy Wording for full details of all benefits and any associated terms and conditions.

* Please note that some exclusions apply. For example, AIA will not pay any benefit under this policy for any condition that existed before the risk commencement date, unless you could not have known of the existence of the condition or the condition was declared on your application and was accepted by AIA.

Policy Features

Progressive Care insurance includes the following great features:

Financial Strength

The policy is underwritten by AIA New Zealand Limited, New Zealand’s largest life insurer. AIA New Zealand Limited has an AA (Very Strong) financial strength rating from Fitch Ratings.

24 x 7 Worldwide Cover

Whether you’re at home, travelling or working anywhere for any period (including overseas, even if you move overseas permanently), you remain insured.

Automatic Enhancement

If any change is made to the underlying AIA Living policy in the future, and that change would be favourable to you, then the Enhancement Pass Back Benefit means that the enhanced change will automatically be applied (passed back) to your policy. Conditions apply.

Free-Look Period

If at any time during the 15 days following receipt of your policy you do not wish to continue with your cover (for whatever reason at all), you can return your policy for a full refund of all premiums paid.

Please refer to the Policy Wording for full details and any associated terms and conditions.


Trauma Insurance Brochure

Download or view the brochure:

Trauma Insurance Brochure PDF

Policy Wording

Progressive Care Policy Wording

The Progressive Care policy wording is comprised of the following documents:

AIA Living Umbrella Policy Wording PDF
The Umbrella Wording is common to all AIA Living policies.

Progressive Care Policy Wording PDF
The Benefit Appendix is specific to the Progressive Care benefit.

AIA Vitality

AIA Vitality is a science-backed health and wellbeing program that supports and rewards you for making healthier choices.

Premiums for eligible insurance policies that cover you may be discounted in certain circumstances based on your membership and participation in the AIA Vitality program. You will receive an initial 10% premium discount in your first year.

A membership fee of $11.50 per month per member applies.

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Important Information

  • The above identifies and provides a brief summary only of the principal benefits under the policy. Please refer to the Policy Wording for full details of all benefits and the terms and conditions under which they are provided. Cover is subject to underwriting and approval by AIA.


AIA New Zealand Limited has been given an AA (Very Strong) insurer financial strength rating by Fitch Ratings, an approved rating agency. View details

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