All AIA Living policies contain an Enhancement Pass Back Benefit. This means that if, at any time in the future, a change is made to a section of the policy under which you are covered, and that change is favourable to you, then the enhanced section will automatically be applied to your policy, subject to the conditions specified in the policy.

This benefit applies to the following:

The way this works in practice is that, if a claim is made under your policy, AIA will compare the relevant section in the latest version of the policy and, if it has been changed, will apply the section that is favourable to you. The enhanced section is applied to your policy with effect from the ‘pass back date’, which is the date on which the change comes into effect.

The Enhancement Pass Back Benefit of your policy is designed to help future-proof your policy in a world of change.

Important Conditions

Some important conditions apply to the Enhancement Pass Back Benefit:

  • The enhanced section will only apply if the event which gives rise to the claim first occurs on or after the pass back date. If the claim event first occurs before the pass back date, then the claim will not be assessed using the enhanced wording.

  • Any underwriting exclusions or special terms that apply to your policy will not be altered by any section which has been enhanced.

  • Enhancements to sections that are optional benefits will not be passed back.

  • Enhancements will not be passed back to built-in benefit sections that have subsequently become optional benefits or which no longer exist.