This page explains what happens after you submit your completed Application, and it describes the steps involved in processing it through to acceptance.

As soon as you submit your Application an acknowledgement of receipt will be emailed to you. The email will summarise what happens next, and will include contact details should you wish to contact us for any reason. The email will also contain an attachment which confirms the details provided in your quote, including your age, gender, smoker status, the amount of cover you have applied for and the monthly premium quoted.

Initial Processing

Your Application will go through initial processing immediately. The main purpose of this is to check that there is no missing or incomplete information which would prevent your Application from being fully processed. If any further information was required then we would contact you right away.


Following initial processing, your Application is assessed in a process called underwriting. Your Application is then accepted or, if more information is required, you will be contacted for that. More information may be required, for example, if you are planning an extended trip overseas, or about a particular sport which you engage in, or about a pre-existing medical condition.

In some cases (but not many) you may be asked, for example, to have a registered nurse visit you at your home or office for a blood test and to check such things as heart rate and blood pressure. Learn more about HealthScreen.

Process Flow Chart

The application process can be illustrated as follows:

Application Process