This site provides information about insurance products offered by AIA.

After using the resources of this site, you might find (as many others do) that you are quite capable of deciding for yourself what cover, and how much cover, you need. For example, our life insurance calculator, not only acts as a check list for the liabilities and financial assets you have, but it helps you to calculate how much life cover you ought to have, given your circumstances.

If, however, you do not feel able to (or would rather not) make a decision on your own, then you ought to seek advice from a person whom you trust and who is competent to provide you with that advice. In that case you should think very carefully about your choice of person to provide you with that advice.

Please be aware that this website does not provide a financial adviser service which is a personalised service within the meaning of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. It takes no account of your personal insurance needs.

Free Advice

You can obtain free advice on the type and level of cover you should apply for, and that advice is likely to be freely available. For most people, this kind of advice can be obtained (and is often sought) from family and friends.

According to research findings in this field, people tend to prefer to ask family or friends for advice rather than seek professional help, whether that is due to trust factors, ease in asking or for some other reason. Such advice can generally be relied on to be well-meaning, but:

  • the person advising you is much less likely than a financial adviser to be competent to provide you with the advice you need; and
  • you will not have the same legal protections as you would have if you sought advice from a financial adviser.

Professional Advice

You can obtain professional advice on the cover you should apply for, such as from an accountant or an insurance adviser. You should expect to receive a high standard of advice, and one which takes full account of your personal circumstances.

A licenced financial adviser, who is qualified to provide advice in relation to life and health insurance, will be able to take into account your personal circumstances and provide you with advice that will assist you in making a decision about your insurance.