Our opportunity to show that we value you as a KiwiCover customer is at claim time.

We know that submitting a claim can be stressful, particularly if it occurs at a difficult time in your life. Much of the stress, though, comes from not knowing what to do or how to claim, so we have prepared guides for every type of claim. You can now know in advance what to do and what to expect at claim time.

For all types of claims, you can submit a claim directly to AIA online or by calling AIA on 0800 500 108. For health insurance claims you can also request pre-approval for a claim directly from AIA.

Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance claims tend to be quite straightforward. They don’t even involve completing a claim form. The policy owner or executor simply notifies us and supplies us with the required documents. Learn more about life insurance claims.

Health Insurance Claims

For health insurance claims, you can either apply for approval in advance, or claim after the event. With pre-approvals, payment can be made directly to the health care provider, so that you don’t have to pay and seek reimbursement. Learn more about health insurance claims.

Income Protection Insurance Claims

The information required for an income protection claim depends on whether your inability to work is due to an accident or an illness. Information is also required about your job and your earnings. Learn more about income protection insurance claims.

Critical Conditions Claims

Payment of a Critical Conditions claim involves assessment of medical information provided by the specialist who is treating you. This occurs after you have submitted a Lump Sum Claim Form and provided other documents. Learn more about Critical Conditions claims.

Progressive Care Claims

AIA will require medical evidence and reports showing proof of the condition giving rise to the claim. You will need to submit a Lump Sum Claim Form together with supporting documents. Learn more about Progressive Care claims.

Permanent Disability Insurance Claims

A claim for total and permanent disablement involves assessing the extent to which you are unlikely ever to be able to resume work in your own occupation, as a result of your illness or injury. Learn more about permanent disability insurance claims.

Family Protection Insurance Claims

The process for family protection claims is the same as that for life insurance. We simply require the original policy document, a birth certificate or passport (original or certified), and an original death certificate. Learn more about Family Protection insurance claims.