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Health Insurance Policy

This page describes the structure and contents of the policy wording.

The health insurance policy wording is comprised of two documents:

  1. The Private Health Umbrella Wording PDF

  2. The Policy Schedule

Private Health is Sovereign’s flagship health insurance policy. The Umbrella Wording is common to all Private Health policies. The Policy Schedule is customised as it contains personal details such as who is insured. Each of these parts is summarised below.

Policy Schedule

The Policy Schedule comprises the customised part of the policy wording, and is relatively brief. It specifies the following principal information:

  • The policy number;
  • The names of the persons insured (the ‘Lives Assured’);
  • The dates of birth and genders of the persons insured;
  • The name and physical address of the policy owner;
  • The optional benefits selected under the policy (if any);
  • The monthly premium payable;
  • The risk commencement date (the date on which cover starts);
  • The signatures of two authorised officers of Sovereign in issuance of the policy.

The individual details on the Policy Schedule can be varied by notice or application to Sovereign as applicable, where permitted in accordance with the terms of the Umbrella Wording.

Important Information

  • Please note that if you have already taken out a health insurance policy through KiwiCover, your policy wording may be different from the policy wording referred to above.